We're a Nationwide Damages Valuation Services Company.

We help attorneys (plaintiff and defense), government agencies, insurance companies, trusts, and courts define the value of future medical care, loss of earnings capacity, and loss of household services for chronically and catastrophically ill/injured individuals.

Our Company

America's Leading Life Care PlannerTM

Headquartered in San Antonio Texas, we are the nation’s leading provider of damages valuation services, with a team of over 80 life care planning physicians and other forensic professionals.


Be the world’s highest quality provider of damages valuation services.


Planning the future, defining a lifetime.TM

Our motto anchors us to the seriousness of our work by providing a constant reminder that at the end of every engagement is a human being, whose level of function and quality of life may literally be defined by the work we perform.

Core Values

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We pursue excellence in everything we do; and we never stop improving.

We are genuine subject matter experts. We possess requisite knowledge and skill, or we acquire requisite knowledge and skill. No excuses; no exceptions.

Our reputation and credibility are a function of our adherence to high standards of ethical integrity, truthfulness, and objectivity. There is nothing in our business that supersedes this imperative.

We take total responsibility for our work, and our work ethic is simple: the buck stops with me.

We treat our customers, our vendors, and our team members with dignity, respect, and decorum—regardless of circumstance.

We view problems as opportunities; and we are creative, proactive problem solvers.

Our customers service philosophy is based upon a single premise: our customers do not exist because of us; we exist because of them .


With over 80 Board Certified Life Care Planning Physicians and Damages Valuation Experts—and thousands of satisfied clients—we are the nation's leading provider of damages valuation services.

"I've been practicing law for over 35 years, and simply put, you're the best in the business."

– C. Borg,
Trial Attorney

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