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Expert Witness Services

An expert witness is a person, who by virtue of education, training, skill or experience, is believed to possess expertise and specialized knowledge in a particular subject that is materially beyond that of an average person.

When serving as an expert witness, reputation and credibility are everything, and that’s about more than simple expertise. Our reputation and credibility are a function of our commitment to high standards of ethical integrity, objectivity, accuracy, truthfulness, and professionalism.

Our Expert Witness Services include Independent Medical Evaluations, Depositions, and In-Court Testimonies.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)

An Independent Medical Evaluation is performed when a physician, who has not previously been involved with an individual’s care, performs an examination to assess the cause, extent, and medical treatment of an injury/illness where liability is at issue.

Physician Life Care Planning has performed thousands of IMEs for ill/injured individuals. All our IMEs are performed by board certified physicians or qualified physician specialists, and many of our physicians speak both English and Spanish.


A Deposition is an out-of-court sworn testimony—a solemn attestation to the truth of a matter.

Our experts frequently travel to accommodate the deposition needs of our clients. We also maintain remote deposition capabilities to facilitate the logistical preferences of our clients and their counterparties.

In-Court Testimonies

An In-court Testimony is an in-court attestation to the truth of a matter.

The matter at hand may include the medical condition and ongoing medical requirements of an injured individual, his/her loss of earnings or earnings capacity, loss of cognitive functioning, etc.

Our mission is to be the world’s highest quality provider of damages valuation services.