Physician Life Care Planning

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Vocational Assessments assist in determining a chronically ill or injured individual’s loss of earnings and earnings capacity.

Our vocational assessments are performed by highly experienced vocational specialists who base their opinions on standardized vocational assessment processes—not on an injured individual's medical records.

A person earning $50,000 per year will realize more than $2MM of income over their working lifetime. If an individual was employed at the time of their accident, or if their capacity to earn income has been impacted, then a vocational assessment is required to establish an objective basis for loss of earnings and earning capacity.

PLCP Vocational Assessment

The basic Vocational Assessment Equation: Earnings Capacity (Pre-Injury) – Earnings Capacity (Post-Injury) = Loss of Earnings Capacity.

Vocational Assessments can determine if an individual is able to:

  • Return to their full range of pre-injury occupation.
  • Perform their former job, or if they're able to transfer skills to a similar occupation.
  • Transfer skills to dissimilar occupations, or they're able perform unskilled work.
  • Perform full-time work on a sustained, competitive basis.
  • Perform part-time work on a sustained, competitive basis.
  • Be placed with a beneficent employer or sheltered vocational workshop.

Our Vocational Assessments Include:

  • Summary of Assessment Methodology
  • Records Review
  • Summary of Educational/Training Background
  • Summary of Work History
  • Analysis of Past Work Experience
  • Description of Physical & Mental Challenges
  • Residual Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Summary of Transferability Skills Analysis
  • Summary of Residual Skills Analysis
  • Employability Opinion
  • Loss of Earnings Capacity Exhibit
  • References & Citations

Our Vocational Assessment Process:

  • Review of All Medical Records, Depositions, Interrogatories & Tax Returns
  • Vocational Diagnostic Interviews
  • Standardized Vocational Testing
  • Work & Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Observation/Assessment of Limitations
  • Formulations of Opinion Regarding Employability & Earnings Capacity

Vocational Testing We Employ:

  • Academic & Intelligence Testing
  • Coordination & Dexterity Testing
  • Clerical Testing
  • Physical Demands & Work Capacity Testing
  • Interest Testing
  • Occupation-specific Testing
  • Assessment of Supervisory Skills

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