Physician Life Care Planning

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When trying to describe an injury or medical condition to people who possess limited or no medical background, a picture can truly be worth a thousand words.

Medical Illustrations are custom art exhibits that help people visualize an individual's physical condition. They provide powerful demonstrative evidence that aids explanation and comprehension.

PLCP medical illustrators are members of the Association of Medical Illustrators and are certified by The Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators. They are highly skilled professional artists with advanced educations in life sciences and visual communicating. They have decades of experience collaborating with physicians, scientists and clinical specialists to transform complex information into visual images that effectively communicate to broad audiences.

Common Medical Illustrations Include:

  • Summary of Traumatic Injuries with Client Likeness
  • Summary of Surgical Repair Procedures, and/or Individual Surgical Steps
  • Radiology Visualizations, Including X-ray, CT and MRI Interpretations

Artistic Value Proposition

  • Quality: The quality, detail and realism of our illustrations meet and surpass the industry’s highest artistic standards.
  • Range: The range of our work is extensive and includes: burns, traumas, fractures, brain injuries, syndromes, animated recreations of injurious events, animated timelines, animated surgeries, and all other types of personal injury and medical negligence scenarios.
  • Value-added Team Work: Our medical illustrators benefit from being able to collaborate directly with our Associate Physicians to enhance their understanding of the physical conditions and medical scenarios they’re tasked to depict.
  • Credibility & Professionalism: as Certified Members of the Association of Medical Illustrators, our artists are bound by and subject to the AMI Code of Ethics, the industry’s benchmark for professional conduct.

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